Busting the myth that “Coding is hard”

Most people think learning to code is too complex.
It seems complex when it’s not introduced to you in the right way. Imagine you don’t know English and you’re trying to learn it from a dictionary! However small the dictionary might be, can you learn? That’s not how you learn a new language right? The best way to learn is to listen to others speaking, reading simple stories and then trying to talk or write simple words and then sentences. The same goes with coding. If it’s taught to you with simple practical examples using videos along with simple exercises, you wouldn’t find it hard.

Coding is just a way of breaking down a large goal into smaller ones and then breaking them further down into a set of instructions that a computer can understand – in a language of its own.
Here’s a small test to find out if you can learn to code. Answer the following three questions with Yes/No:

1. Have you ever given directions to someone to reach your house from a few blocks away?
2. Have you ever given instructions to a kid to get something from a fridge / cupboard?
3. Have you ever given some tasks to your junior / employee?

If your answer has been a “Yes” to at least one of the questions above – Good news!! You can easily learn to code.

Coding is not hard

Let’s look at the questions and think of those scenarios again:
1. The person you gave directions to reach your house might not have found his way immediately. It might have taken a couple of calls, giving different landmarks, or worse – you might have said, “Stay where you are, I’ll come and get you”. But eventually, you were successful right?
2. That kid might not have found the item you needed with the first set of instructions you gave. But then you would have added more descriptions like “It’s next to the jam bottle” or “It’s at the far right corner. Something must be hiding it” and so on.
3. Your junior might not have done the tasks perfectly at first, but slowly you have learnt how to give enough instructions to get your work done.

That’s exactly what the learning curve for Coding looks like. You won’t get it right the first time (By you, I mean even super-experienced developers don’t it right the first time). But that doesn’t make it hard. You need to think how a computer thinks (which is waaayyy simpler than how we think) and you will eventually get a hang of it.

Another myth to bust : Coding is some huge lines of alphanumeric characters on black screen
It’s shown that way in movies to seem cool! You can very well write one single line which almost seems like English on a white screen and still call it a program!

Having said all that, not all programming / coding languages are ideal for beginners. My first language was Java! And it was maddening to get a hang of it (or even like it). Recommended languages for beginners are HTML & CSS or Python.
And the best way to learn is:1. Through videos online2. On a platform that’s open for questions and answers from peers / tutor.
3. Learning from someone who avoids unnecessary tech jargon to make it seem complex!

Start learning to code today – to open a huge door of opportunities for yourself. It’s fun! If you’ve taken the decision to give it a shot – nothing better than this course – “HTML & CSS for absolute beginners” on Udemy. (Check for frequent discounts from time to time)

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