Six reasons to learn HTML & CSS

You might have heard about HTML & CSS, or you probably have them in your syllabus, or your senior recommended them to you or you saw them on your friend’s resume. So you want to learn too. If you already don’t have enough reasons to go ahead and gain these skills, this write-up will convince you.

So, why should you learn HTML & CSS?

1. To build websites

HTML is the basic building blocks of any web page. CSS is what makes the website look awesome. Though there are multiple website builders and lots of drag and drop tools on the web, if you need total control over your website, you got to know these languages. Even if you’ve got hold of an amazing theme that you’d like to customize yourself for your small business or your personal portfolio or your college fest, if you know this stuff, it saves you a lot of headache.

2. To build a career

Whether you want to make an additional income out of building websites part-time or you want to build a great career as a front-end web designer, it all starts with HTML & CSS. Want more options? Read about 9 Jobs You Are Qualified for if You Only Know HTML and CSS. You know what makes this career more awesome? There are so many remote jobs available. You can work from any part of the world and almost any time of the day. It depends on the company of course, but these are the possibilities!

3. Add some skills to your CV

You have a different career ambition, no problem! You can add these skills to your resume to differentiate yourself slightly from your peers. Additional skills on resume showcase your “willingness to learn more” – a personality trait that every company looks for!

4. Easiest to learn

If you ever wanted to try your hands at coding OR you tried learning programming languages like C++ or Java and found them difficult, you should really go ahead and learn HTML & CSS. Please don’t get this wrong. Of course, languages like C++ and Java are for different purposes. But coding is a way of thinking! If you want to get started thinking like a coder, why not start with something easy? Sign up for my course on HTML & CSS for beginners – which makes it even more simple to learn.

5. Least system requirements / softwares

If you have a laptop and a decent internet connection (internet needed only if you are learning from an online course, not otherwise), that’s almost all you need, to learn these languages. You need a web browser (which is pre-installed on all operating systems) and a code editor as simple as notepad / textedit to get started.

6. For knowledge

You never know where this extra knowledge might come handy for you. In a recent quick survey that I conducted about web design, 32% of the people said they want to learn HTML & CSS for knowledge.

Have more reasons? Have I missed something? Drop them here in the comments and it’ll help other students take stronger decisions.

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